Location: 555 Barell Ave. Carlstadt NJ 07072
Phone: (201) 939-5555 Fax: (201) 939-4180

Traycon Manufacturing Company, is the world's leader in the manufacturing of superior conveyors for the food service industry.

Built for Endurance and Reliability

  • Engineering Excellence for Over 50 Years
  • Manufactured Solely for Food Service Applications
  • Durable, Tough, Reliable and Quiet in Operation
  • Integrity of Performance
  • Infinitely Inventive
  • Competitively Priced
  • High Quality & Obsessive Attention to Details

UL Listed and NSF Certified

All Traycon conveyors are UL Listed and NSF Certified.

TRAYCON There’s a real difference

For 50 years, privately owned Traycon’s only business is the manufacturing of conveyors for the food service industry.
This specialized product-line focus ensures that we are the leaders in design innovations, which are coupled seamlessly with quality engineering. We build our conveyor systems to the highest mechanical standards, and they never fail to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations for performance.

Based on high-standards of engineering excellence, we have a long tradition of technical and precision performance that is the platform for today’s company. We have a history and thousands of references that we are proud to tell you about. We manufacture our systems using only the finest components and the newest technologies. This ensures virtually maintenance free conveyors that are rugged, reliable and so quiet in operation that you won’t even know that it’s there.

No other conveyor will ever perform like a Traycon.